Manuele therapie

Restoring mobility

Manual Therapy
If you are having trouble moving your joints and are experiencing symptoms as a result, manual therapy is an effective method. The results are often immediately noticeable. Your posture and the functioning of your joints will improve and movement will be easier.

Examples of where manual therapy may be helpful include:

  • Neck and shoulder pain that radiates into the arms
  • Head and neck pain with poor mobility of the spine
  • Aches high up in the back with rib and chest pain
  • lower back pain, possibly with radiating pain to the legs
  • Certain forms of dizziness that are induced by movements of the neck
  • Jaw complaints, possibly in combination with neck complaints.

Restoring mobility
During treatment the manual therapist uses specific movements in the joints. He/she tries to restore lifted mobility or stabilize excess movement through training.

Sometimes this treatment is complemented by manipulations, also known as “cracking”. The joints are then brought into motion a little faster. You may also hear a crackling sound. Most patients experience this as a brief strange sensation, but generally do not find it painful. Fytalis has several specialized manual therapists, allowing you to choose from different methods that suit your complaint.

For reimbursement of the treatment (s) the same conditions apply as for regular physiotherapy. To be eligible for reimbursement, it is necessary that you have supplementary insurance with your health insurer.

Read more about reimbursement.

If you have questions about your insurance, we recommend that you contact your health insurer.


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