Shockwave therapy

Immediate results via sound waves

What is shockwave therapy?
Shockwave therapy is used for the treatment of muscle-tendon tissue and tendon attachments. Shockwaves are high-energy sound impulses that can travel in depth like waves. The energy release in the treatment area improves metabolism and blood circulation. This stimulates repair mechanisms. In addition, shockwave therapy is a safe and well established therapy. Scientific studies show that shockwave therapy produces rapid effects.

For which symptoms can shockwave therapy be effective?
Calcification in tendons
Achilles tendon complaints
Heel spur
Tennis-golf elbow
Sports injuries
Acute and chronic joint pain
Badly healing wounds
Trigger point treatments

Is your symptom not listed here? Ask your doctor or therapist if your complaint to be treated is eligible for shockwave therapy.

A shockwave treatment can be painful. We therefore adjust the intensity to your pain threshold and start with a low intensity. Then the intensity is increased when the pain subsides. After pain can vary per treatment. In general, the worst pain goes away as soon as the treatment stops, but it can happen that a bit of nagging after-pain remains for a few hours to days.

Proper diagnosis
To determine whether shockwave therapy is right for you, we do an intake during the first consultation. In order to make a proper diagnosis we sometimes use ultrasound diagnostics. This allows us to look closely at what is causing the pain.

Although the costs of treatment may be higher than the insurance covers, we will not charge you the difference. A shockwave treatment is therefore part of normal physiotherapy treatment.


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