You do not stand alone

What is obesity?
Obesity is a chronic disease characterized by being severely overweight. This is the case when your Body Mass Index (BMI) is higher than 30. This means that you are physically overweight and that your weight has a negative impact on your health. You have a greater chance of diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. At Fytalis, you can follow a course to overcome your obesity.

Body Mass Index & obesity
The Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates the ratio of a person’s height to weight, and shows an (un)healthy weight. When the BMI is 30 or higher, you are obese. Calculate your own BMI.

Consequences of obesity
Obesity can cause reduction in quality of life. Daily activities become very difficult or even impossible. Furthermore
Often psychological problems play a role. Low self-confidence and depression are common.

Obesity and Fytalis
If you are obese, you do not stand alone! We offer you a program in which we work on strength, endurance and (fat)burning. After the intake we will set up a personal training schedule. With this you will start working under supervision. Every 4 to 6 weeks we will adjust your training schedule based on your progress. The program lasts 12 weeks, and can possibly be extended. It is also possible to make an appointment with our dietician and/or with one of the psychologists at Kortenoord Medical Centre with whom we work.


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