Work towards recovery together

Rehabilitation, work towards recovery together
Rehabilitation is the medical term for recovery from an accident or medical procedure. The rehabilitation process can be quite complicated, involving both physical and psychological aspects. We are happy to assist you during this period.

Training schedule and guidance
We always start with an examination of your physical capabilities. Subsequently, the starting level and a personal training schedule will be drawn up. Training can be done individually or in small groups. There is always expert supervision by a physical therapist. We use modern equipment and techniques to measure the results and make adjustments immediately.

Collaboration with hospitals
The protocols and exercise programs are tailored to cooperation with regional hospitals. Therefore, rehabilitation at Fytalis is optimal in case of COPD, cardiovascular diseases, after (orthopedic) surgery, after a cerebral infarction (CVA) or after cancer treatment.

Rehabilitation for injuries
You can also come to Fytalis for rehabilitation in case of (sports) injuries or to supplement and support treatments, such as physiotherapy and manual therapy.


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