Orthopedic rehabilitation

Your vital fitness back after surgery

Undergoing surgery on your joints or bones is not easy, but it can be necessary. For example, because you have a worn-out hip or you need a new cruciate ligament in your knee. In the time around the operation you will have to deal with pain, possible stress and you may find yourself moving less well for a while. We will be here to advise and assist you throughout this period.

Guidance before and after surgery
Prior to the surgery we will tell you everything you can expect and give you muscle-strengthening exercises. The fitter you are going into the hospital, the faster you will recover afterwards! We also teach you how to use aids such as crutches.

Targeted exercises
Once you are back home, we will help you with your rehabilitation. We provide specific exercises and keep in touch with your treating orthopedist. You will notice that your flexibility and endurance will slowly return. After you have fully recovered, you can resume your work or sport as well as possible!


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