Free and balanced mobility

Feeling free of pain and discomfort
Thanks to physiotherapy Living with pain in your muscles or joints is never pleasant. Our team of physiotherapists is always available to help ease your pain. They will guide and advise you in getting back to your activities as soon as possible. This is done through exercises, massage and exercise equipment.

As flexible as possible
We will teach you to move responsibly in order to keep your muscles and joints as supple as possible and to prevent new complaints. For certain joint problems you will receive manual therapy.

Lower back pain
Fytalis has developed special programs for people with lower back pain. These consist of a short treatment part and an exercise program. This process takes several months.

To qualify for treatment you do not need a referral from your doctor or specialist.

Depending on your health insurance your treatments will be fully or partially reimbursed. Note: make sure you have supplementary insurance! There is a high chance that your health insurer will reimburse your treatments.
Do you have any questions? Just drop by or give us a call!


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